End your desire to drink too much alcohol, smoke marijuana, or abuse prescription drug by turning to alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

PassagesMalibu.com - Alcohol Rehabilitation

According to National Center for Health Statistics, over 20,000 people died last year from alcohol-induced deaths, including accidents and homicides in the United States . As this number of deaths is increasing continuously, abusers and their families are looking into alcohol rehabilitation centers that will help them or their loved ones get their lives back on track. The best facilities will offer confidential and individualized therapy as well as alcohol and drug detox if necessary.

Passages Malibu is one of those centers. Located in Malibu , California , Passages offers over 70 one-on-one therapy sessions with each client, as well as an alcohol rehab center that is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of each of their clients. Spread over 10 acres, including 3 mansions, the Treatment Team meets each week to decide the following weeks best course of action, whether it be counseling or another form of therapy. Each member of the team believes that alcohol and/or drugs are not the problem, but an underlying issue that is fodder for the addiction itself. By solving the issue itself and coming to grips with the past, Passages believes that any addict can overcome the need for alcohol and/or drugs. Private one-on-one sessions with a Passages' psychologist can provide a client with the opportunity to find those innermost thoughts and feelings without the ridicule and judgment of a group or presence that might otherwise hinder the healing process.

To begin the path to recovery in an alcohol rehab or drug facility, call 1-888-777-8525 today or go online to www.passagesmalibu.com today.