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Atlas of Ultrastructural Neurocytology
-- "This atlas is designed to be a practical and quick online visual guide to the ultrastructure of the nervous system, for use as an aid in interpreting electron microscopical findings. Users of our atlas are assumed to be already aquainted with the basic cytology and histology of the nervous system." -- The best collection of neuron micrographs available on the web.

Synapse Web - Anatomy
-- Includes pictures with detailed descriptions.

NUS HISTONET WWW ELECTRONIC GUIDE to HISTOLOGY for Medicine and Dentistry - Nerve Tissue
-- 15 micrographs

LUMEN Histology: Neural Tissue
-- 29 slides with descriptions.

Systemic Pathology: An Interactive Tutorial (at the University of Washington)
-- Several micrographs related to neuropathology are offered.

Neuroscience for Kids - Gallery of Neurons
-- Offers 18 images

PSYC 220 (at the University of Virginia) Images from Class
-- Includes five electron micrographs.

Basal Ganglia Anatomy Physiology and Computation (at the Cajal Neuroscience Research Center) Data Gallery
-- Includes thirteen images.

Functional Organization of the Basal Ganglia
-- Includes a few related images

Neurons / Neuroglial Cells (at the University of Idaho)
-- Several images with descriptions.

Neuroanatomy & Neuropathology on the Internet: Histology
-- A good source for histology links

HistoWeb: Nervous System (at the University of Kansas, Kansas City)
-- Offers 21 images to choose from.

Neurons and the Central Nervous System (at the University of Southern Carolina)
-- 13 images.

Neurohistology Slides (at the University of California, Davis)
-- 33 images.

The Laboratory of Retinal Microcircuitry
-- 3D reconstructions of neurons from the retina.

MicroAngela - Neuron
-- Includes an image of a crab neurosecretory cell.

MicroAngela - Synapse 1
-- "TEM section of a synapse in a rat brain."




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