Some prescription drugs make you feel high and could become addictive. If you know someone abusing prescription drugs, convince them to undergo drug abuse treatment before its too late. Learn More About Our Alcohol Rehab

Drug rehab is without a doubt, the best solution for someone who has reached the bottom of addiction misery. Usually, the first indicator is that the alcoholic or addict is willing to ask for help, perhaps for the first time. With the utmost in professional guidance, the chances of attaining a new and coveted life in sobriety can be drastically increased. Most drug rehab statistics are not very encouraging. However, there is a remarkable facility, which boasts an 84.4% success rate when it comes to treating drug addiction and/or dependencies. Passages Malibu is a state-of-the-art residence treatment center located on the calming beaches of the pacific coast.

At this substance abuse treatment facility, every person is treated with dignity and respect; there are no demeaning or disgusting chores assigned to clients. Punishment is not a part of the curriculum. The focus is on recovery and the issues surrounding long-term sobriety. A team of experts in the field of addiction makes use of many treatment options, ranging from counseling to hypnotherapy to psychotherapy to yoga, art, music, massage, acupuncture, physical training, and more. Therapists seek to bring to light the core basis of each person's dependency, and thus are able to treat it properly. Passages Malibu prides itself on its one-to-one counseling sessions for its clients. Many patients receive up to 70 of these sessions per month.

When a person is seeking alcohol rehab, cocaine abuse treatment, or any number of other drug treatment programs that really work, there is no better place to find it than at this facility. For an in-depth look at how this program works, purchase the book; The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure: A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery, by Chris Prentiss. Chris is a co-founder of Passages Malibu. His motive for writing this book was to make the treatment programs used at his facility, available to everyone. To learn more, go to A tour of the facility can be arranged by calling 888-777-8525.