Intoxicated by too much drinking? Go to a nearby alcohol rehab treatment facility to avoid health complications and achieve sobriety.

Alcohol Treatment Center

Making the decision to enter an alcohol treatment program is a difficult, yet very important decision. However, even once that decision is made it can be just as hard to find the right place to receive treatment. Passages Malibu , located in Malibu , California is a unique and holistic treatment center that is dedicated to the rehabilitation of each and every client. The founder's, Chris Prentiss and Pax Prentiss (author of the book “The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure”) know first hand the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol, and are committed to providing the highest level of individualized care for their client's as well as their families.

As one of the most successful drug and alcohol rehab facilities in the world, Passages Malibu provides each client with a Treatment Team that works together on a custom treatment plan which includes over 70 one-on-one therapy sessions and treatment components such as:

Passages believes that alcohol and drugs are not the problem, but actually a users cure for dealing with personal problems and memories; and by facing those memories and overcoming personal problems, the need for alcohol and drug abuse will no longer feel necessary. For the drug and alcohol treatment center that has their clients best interests in mind, call Passages Malibu at 1-888-777-8525 today or go online to and start on the road to recovery and living life to it's full potential.