For those near Orange County, there’s a California drug rehab center in a number of local areas including Malibu.

California Drug Rehab

Shattering body, mind, and spirit, drug addiction or alcoholism leaves the victim in the midst of a broken existence. Treating substance abuse with traditional methods often only brings symptomatic and temporary relief. It is akin to treating a major laceration with a mere bandage. With impressive success, Passages Malibu offers a more all-encompassing and natural approach to treating drug abuse. This California Drug Rehab focuses in on the exact needs of each individual with laser-like accuracy. It holistically and realistically restores the true self by a tried and proven method. When all aspects of a person are treated in this manner, long-term sobriety is achieved.

At Passages Malibu, a holistic drug rehab program includes every component afflicted within the treatment process. Family counseling, spiritual, and life purpose counseling provide a foundation for motivating addicts to crawl from the abyss of addiction. Rehabilitation continues with an encompassing variety of holistic activities. Variable endurance physical training, acupuncture, massage/bodywork, yoga/music/arts, nutritional counseling, and image therapy all work in conjunction to provide a totality of wellness.

In order to share this raging success with the general public, Chris Prentiss, a Co-Founder of Passages, has written a ground-breaking book based on the Passages Malibu philosophy to help anyone with chemical or alcohol dependency overcome their addictions. The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure: A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery has been well recognized as a state-of-the-art tool to achieving long-term sobriety.

To receive more information about the life-saving California alcohol rehab or California drug rehab programs at this innovative facility, just call 888-777-8525, or go to the Passages Malibu site at