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Attention Valued Visitor: A Drug Reference Page for FDA Approved General Anesthetics is now available!
Shawn Thomas ( is working to summarize the mechanisms of action of every drug approved by the FDA for a brain- related condition. In addition, new pages with more automated content will soon replace some of the older pages on the web site. If you have suggestions about content that you would like to see, e-mail if you have anything at all to share.


Neuroscience and Mental Health News Links --


PNAS Online -- Search Multiple Journals

On-Line Medical Dictionary

The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

BehaveNet (Includes DSM-IV-TR)

Neuropsychopharmacology: The Fifth Generation of Progress

Neuropsychopharmacology: The Fourth Generation of Progress

Mexican Culture and Learning

Cochrane Collaboration

OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

Computational Molecular biology at NIH

Ken's Bio-Web Resources - Neurosciences on the Internet

The Bio-Web :: Molecular and Cell Biology
Online-Resources for Molecular and Cell Biologists

Kimball's Biology Pages

An On-Line Biology Book

The WWW Virtual Library: Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Eric H. Chudler - Home Page - Neuroscience Education

Synapse Web Home Page

PLoS Biology: Open-Access Journal

Omni: Listing by Alphabetical Subject Heading: Nervous system

Hardin MD : Neurology, Neuroscience, & Nervous System


HighWire -- Free Online Full-text Articles

Merck Veterinary Manual

Medem: Medical Library

Hardin MD : The Medical Information Hub

Public Citizen | Health Research Group - Health Research Group

Info for CPR Trainers

Avert Cancer

Open Directory - Science: Biology

Yahoo! Directory Science > Biology

Selected Internet Resources for Biological Science (at Stanford)

The Genome Database

The Human Genome

Virtual Genome Center

PubGene Gene Database and Tools

Science Functional Genomics Resources: Protein Structure and Function :: Bioinformatics Resource Link Directory

A Compendium of Free, Public Biomedical Text Mining Tools Available on the Web


ExPASy - Biochemical Pathways

Neuron Database

The Protein Kinase Resource

National electronic Library for Mental Health

The Good Drug Guide : new mood-brighteners and antidepressants

Depression, antidepressants and mood-brighteners: References

The American College Of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP)

Brain Explorer

BrainConnection: The Brain and Learning

Neuropsychology, Medical Psychology, and Psychology Resources

Google Advanced Groups Search

OMNI: The UK's Gateway to High Quality Internet Resources in Health and Medicine

Bioresearch Online: Digital Marketplace for the bioresearch and life sciences industry


BioMedNet Reviews, Your Depression Resource Guide

EAATs, a site for discussions and news about excitatory amino acid transporters

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